Section 5. Business and Financial Affairs (R500 – R599)

Budgeting R500 – R509

Tuition and Fees R510 – R519

Dedicated Credits R520 – R529

Grants, Gifts & Contracts R530 – R534

Reimbursed Overhead R535 – R539

Investments and Discretionary Funds R540 – R548

Auxiliary and Service Enterprises R550 – R559

Accounting and Financial Controls R560 – R564

Auditing R565 – R569

Procurement & Purchasing R570-575

Expenditure Limitations R580 – R589

Revenue Bonds R590 – R599

Section 9. Office of the Commissioner (R900 – R999)

Personnel Practices R900 – R919

Conditions of Employment R920 – R930

Benefits R931 – R939

Compensation R940 – R949

Employment Grievances R950 – R959

Retirement and Termination R960 – R969

Budget and Finance R980 – R989

Records Security R990 – R995